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12 17 Mar 2 2017, 01:30 PM
In: 3- Faq
By: Tristan
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4 3 Apr 22 2017, 04:47 PM
In: A Question Of Fcs
By: Kelli

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Post your bios here. There's no approval process, so you can start posting immediately after! Bios are moved from this section once a day or so, and sorted to the canon or original sub-boards found inside.
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281 44 Apr 24 2017, 11:09 AM
In: Shinobu
By: Shinobu
Member Profiles
Post your member profile up in here. These are required to be able to write here. You will not be able to claim characters beyond a reserve or post anywhere until you fill one out.
13 1 Yesterday at 08:04 pm
In: Yagi
By: Yagi

   Plot Hub
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Plot Central
Plot Central is where you'll come to plan out all your plots - group, sitewide, and individual alike. There are sub-forums for those, want ads, and plotters found inside.
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18 36 Apr 23 2017, 02:57 PM
In: Job List
By: Alan Wake
In here you'll find areas for trackers, development forums, and wants & limits.
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7 22 Apr 14 2017, 10:39 AM
In: Seren's Thread Keeper
By: Seren
This section contains the rapid-fire section [canon to the board and counts toward activity] and the AU rp sections [non-canon & does not count toward activity].
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22 128 Mar 8 2017, 11:14 PM
In: A Night Out On The Town
By: Bradley Zimmerman

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Upper City
Upper City is partly suspended using arcane magic. It is built up on platforms in the center of the city and extends out from there. Brick, wood, and stone carted from a quarry not far off from the capital make up the majority of the city's buildings. Some are more magical than others. While it seems to be bright and welcoming on first glance, it's not as pristine as it should be - tarnish shows on close inspection. Still, it's more eye catching and beautiful than the Lower City.

Brilliant crimsons and golds shine from many of the buildings - expensive dyes to draw the eye were often more important than usefulness to the rich who lived there. The castle itself is white and rises above all the other buildings. Gold and rich cobalt blue decorate many of the surfaces, and it's clear this is the heart of the city - and the nation.

The upper class and the nobility make their homes in the most well-to-do neighborhoods and rarely descend on the elevators or with the portals to the all but forgotten Lower City below. There is a bustling business district with inns and shops of all sorts, and cafes and restaurants are popular destinations. Those lucky enough to find homes here pay the price to live above the squalor found below. Homes range from tiny flats for those trying to move up the social ranks to sprawling mansions that have more space than their owners know what to do with.

Magic is the primary power source - arcane and water - and it rarely fails. When it does, it rarely affects more than a single block or so. Air and arcane magic keep the city stable and light enough that the pillars keep it steady - and it's suspected that even if those pillars collapsed the magic is strong enough to keep the city stable long enough to rebuild supports.

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11 50 Apr 7 2017, 01:42 PM
In: On My Own
By: Marie Valerie
There's quite a variety of businesses in Upper City. One can find anything from a sweets shop to a custom clothing outlet and there are several arcane shops that enhance or alter one's appearance. The more serious businesses can be found throughout upper city as well - offices for lawyers, businessmen who own multiple locations, and everything in between. There is a square toward the center of the businesses, with several permanent stall shops where one can buy trinkets, blown glass figurines, jewelry, and fresh sweets. On the weekends the wealthier of the farmers set up shop to sell their finest goods.
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27 291 Yesterday at 09:56 pm
In: Scents And Sensibility
By: Isao Shibata
The homes and hotels of the upper city are all run on magi-tech. They range from modest [but still expensive] flats to grand manors that stretch an entire city block. There are long and short term hotels, all with the best the Upper City can offer.
6 66 Mar 20 2017, 10:13 AM
In: Rise And Shine
By: Sadao Yamashita

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Lower City
The original city has had the Upper City built directly above it. Much of it is situated around the pillars that hold up the Upper City, and it stretches out into neighborhoods on the edges of those pillars and a good two miles beyond that in every direction. The buildings are run down and in various stages of disrepair.

Many consider this the 'true' city, as it's where most of the hardworking middle and lower class individuals make their homes and where many have [or work in] businesses. Those nearest the outer walls, which are two miles out, often have small farms or orchards. There are quite a few shops, inns, and taverns, and many neighborhoods that range from middle income families to those well below the poverty line.

Crime is common in the factory district, and some of the worse neighborhoods are run by crime lords. Business areas often have petty crime and burglaries, and occasionally something more. The darkest areas under the city, near the center where the sunlight rarely reaches have the most crime and the worst pollution.

The air is fairly choked with smog - the factories work 24/7 and produce quite a lot of smoke and foul smelling liquids, which aren't always properly disposed of. The smoke, in particular, spreads to the other areas. Only a good long rain with a strong wind [which isn't uncommon] clears the air - and only for a few hours at a time.

The lower city runs mainly on electricity and it's fairly unreliable - especially during bad weather. Blackouts [and brownouts] are common, and those who can afford it have backup generators that use arcane or water magic. They use them as sparingly as possible due to the cost of magi-tech generators [they must be maintained monthly and cost a hefty sum to repair and maintain], so many times residents go without power til the electricity can be restored.

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14 147 Apr 19 2017, 05:24 PM
In: Take Away This Pain
By: Glyndwr
There are many businesses in Lower City. They range from bakeries to smithies and everything in between. There are some restaurants and cafes, though they are more uncommon in this portion of the city than Upper. There is a square set up right in the center of what many people consider the business district and stalls often sell various goods. Every weekend there is a farmer's market.
24 241 Apr 24 2017, 06:56 PM
In: A Little Help?
By: Oiva
The residences of Lower City range as widely as those in Upper. They are not as fancy or expensive however, and while there are a few scattered mansions [mostly toward the outer walls], most of the houses are modest. Flats and apartments are common, as they are cheap to rent and maintain. There are occasional inns, though they tend to be run down and somewhat seedy looking. Those homes closest to the transport to Upper City are in slightly better repair than elsewhere.
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11 293 Apr 18 2017, 01:47 PM
In: The Things We Do...
By: Warren Reed

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The outskirts of Brookhaven don't really fit with either the upper or lower city - they are free of the smog and sit further back in rolling hills that surround the city proper. They also sit outside the walls of Lower City, further cutting them off. They are run on an equal mixture of electricity and magic and there are parks and shops spread through the trees that can be found there. The elves and lycanthrope prefer this area to either of the 'main' cities and many can be found here after work. Some actually make their homes here.

They are the last of the city before the true farmlands start, and much of the tarnish the lower city and bits of the upper city show is absent here - nature has done a good job of healing the area over the last 10 years.

Subforums: Rosewood Park, ECR Manor, Wind in the Willows Park

6 12 Apr 17 2017, 02:46 PM
In: But The Memory Remains
By: Damon Salvatore
The businesses are just as different as the homes - some are built into the hills while others are built in and around the trees. The businesses here tend to focus more on natural crafts and goods, rather than things one can find in the other two areas of the city.
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12 195 Apr 24 2017, 08:04 PM
In: It's Too Cold For This
By: Itsuki Kita
The residences in this area are nestled among the hills that make up the outskirts. They range from tiny flats to estates that spread almost to the farmlands. Many are built into or around the trees and some are even built into the hillside and the few caves found in the area. The wide variety of homes draw in many different races, though the most common are elves and lycanthropes.
1 22 Mar 12 2017, 10:47 PM
In: Morning Peace
By: Iseul Park

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The farmlands stretch for a good few miles beyond the city. The land is fertile and those who live in the forests or rolling farmlands have fared far better than many in the city.

There are missing farmers now though, and some of the land is open for new owners - the city needs the crops and products they provide.

Subforums: Brookhaven Community Farms

2 4 Jan 12 2017, 11:27 AM
In: An Extravagant Gift
By: Ha-Yun Lee
The villages sit between the farmlands and the forests, circling around them just as the farmlands do the city. There are four, and they are not yet named, aside from the points on the compass - North, South, East, and West Villages.

Each has a different feel. North draws in the wealthy of the cities who do not want the bustle of city life [or have lost the majority of their fortunes and are avoiding former acquaintances]. West draws in the crafters and engineers who have been displaced but have no interest in Brookhaven proper. South draws in the artists and musicians. And East draws in those interested in nature, growing things, and those who practice magic of various sorts.

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In: ----
Blackwood Forest
Blackwood Forest is made up of many different types of trees and is a dense and dark forest the further in you travel. While there are paths through, there are no large settlements open for trade beyond the forest to make the trip worthwhile. Some risk the trip anyway, hoping to open trade with their neighbors once again. Thus far, none have been successful.

The paths are dangerous, with thieves and cutthroats lurking just out of sight - enough still travel this way to make it worthwhile. In addition, there are hidden clearings where cabins and other buildings serve as hideouts for many sorts who do not wish to live in the city.

2 1 Apr 12 2017, 02:19 PM
In: Not Exactly Burger King
By: Karl Griffith

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Come here to chat with everyone OOC. There's sub-boards for forum games [IC and OOC] and absences. Everything else can go in the main board here.
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18 219 Today at 03:56 am
In: Hot Or Not
By: Karl Griffith
Advertisements + Affiliation
Please post your ad in the correct sub-forum inside. If you'd like to affiliate with us, there's a pinned thread in this board for you to reply to. Thanks for visiting!
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416 25 Apr 23 2017, 11:56 AM
In: Bombarda Maxima * [jcink]
By: m.

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